How To Use A Nespresso Machine To Make The Best Espresso Drinks At Home | Step By Step Guide

The Nespresso machine is a high-end device that is used to make espresso and other coffee drinks. It is designed for use in the home, rather than as a commercial device.

The process of using a Nespresso machine is simple and straightforward, but there are some important things you need to be aware of before you begin. All you need to do is follow the instructions for your machine, choose the best capsule for your taste preferences on that particular day, and insert it into the device.

Learn The Differences Between Nespresso machine Types

Original Nespresso Machine
Original Nespresso Machine

Before making your first Nespresso machine, you should familiarize yourself with the make and model of the Nespresso machine you own. There are two different shapes of capsules that fit Nespresso machines, so it is important to understand which shape will work best for you.

  • An Original series of Nespresso uses cylindrical dome-shaped capsules that look quite similar to the disposable individual liquid coffee-creamer packages offered by some restaurants
  • The Nespresso Vertuo series, on the other hand, will use hemisphere-shaped capsules.

The Original series and Vertuo Line both have different ways to extract coffee. The Original Line uses a high-pressure system while the Vertuo line uses a technology known as centrifusion that utilizes the infusion of water and centrifugal force to spin a capsule.

Nespresso Virtuo Series
Nespresso Virtuo Series on Amazon

Steps on How To Use Nespresso Machine: CLEANING PROCESS

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Step 1: Clean Your Machine

Before you start, remember to clean your machine. Rinse it inside and out to make sure everything is nice and clean. Double up by brewing some hot water to purge the system.

Step 2: Rinse The Reservoir

Rinse out the water reservoir, fill it to the top with clear, fresh water and replace it on the back of the Nespresso machine.

To clean your coffee machine with a Vertuo model, you need to lock the head in the palace before initiating this rinsing step. Rinsing your machine is done through the use of a mug in a tray and closing the head with a lever, then holding down a button on the head three times quickly sequentially. You need to wait for two to five minutes for the device to finish cleaning itself.

Step 3: Prepare The Nespresso Machine

Next, plug in your machine, press the button that says “Lungo” to power up the water and you may see a few lights blinking before it’s ready for brewing.

Step 4: Mug Placement

Place a mug on the tray in the front of the Nespresso unit to catch the hot water.

Step 5: Repeat the rinse cycle

Press the lungo button to start the cycle, then run 3 cycles of warm water to rinse the unit. Discard the hot water in the mug once the water cools.

Instructions On How To Use A Nespresso Machine To Brew An Expresso

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Copenhagen, Denmark – July 8, 2014: Freshly brewed espresso in glass standing on silver Nespresso coffe machine. Blurred background with Nespresso capsules in black bowl.

Step 1: Check the water reservoir

Check the water reservoir of your Nespresso machine. If it’s empty or near empty, fill it at least halfway. To avoid running out of water, keep some spare water in the water tank while you are brewing the espresso.

Step 2: Power The Machine

Press the lungo or espresso button to turn on your machine. If you have a Vertuo machine, press the button that says “on.” The Nespresso machine will have an image of a cup and once the light is on steadily, it is time to use it.

Step 3: Position The Cup In Place

Place your cup of espresso beneath the spout of the Nespresso machine, that will dispense hot drinks. Some Nespresso Vertuo models have an adjustable tray that can be moved to the next position. Adjust the tray in the desired position before placing your cup on it.

Step 4: Insert The Coffee Capsule

Next, you need to insert the coffee capsule, If you are using an Original coffee machine, lift the lever to access the port for the Nespresso coffee capsule.

On a Vertuo, twist the lever on the head to unlock the machine and open it. Place your capsule in the port. It’s easy to do on an Original machine since they have a depiction of which way to do this.

Operating a Vertuo coffee machine can be a bit challenging, the surface of the dome must be facing down. After that, you need to press the lever to start brewing. But if you are using an original coffee, close the lid of the Vertuo and move the lever to the lock position. Your coffee will stop brewing after you create espresso or lungo and the machine will shut off automatically after several minutes of being idle.

Step 5: Setting The Beverage Size

If you are using an Original Nespresso machine, you can skip to the next step. But with the Vertuo coffee machine, you will need to manually stop your Vertuo series coffee machine in order to brew half a cup of espresso. To do this, stop the dispensing process once you have reached the desired amount. Press the button again to continue dispensing when you want to brew more.

Step 6: Release And Dispose Used Capsules

When you have finished brewing your coffee, you need to release the capsule and deposit it in the receptacle. If you own an Original Keurig, the steps are more or less the same.

On Original models, operate the lever to release the used capsule where it will automatically be collected through lifting and lowering the lever. On a Nespresso Vertuo machine, move it to a position that releases the head. This pops open the capsule dispenser and dispenses the used capsules into a receptacle without allowing for any spillage or waste.

How To Clean And Clear For Your Nespresso Machine After Use

After you have a cup of steaming espresso, it’s important to clean your machine with filtered water to avoid damaging it. Cleaning your machine is an efficient way to keep it in good condition. To descale your Nespresso, follow these steps.

Turn the unit off after it has brewed and clean the outside of the machine. Remove the spent capsule receptacle before cleaning the tray with a damp cloth dipped in water. Empty the water tank as well.

Now sit back and enjoy your Espresso!


  1. Your coffee has a dirty/burnt taste to it.
  2. Your machine or steamer is making strange noises when you use it.
  3. Your machine is pouring coffee more slowly than normal.
  4. Your coffee is not as hot as normal.


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