How To Use A Combination Lock For Easy And Safe Access

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A combination lock is a device that uses multiple digits to perform a certain task. These locks are a popular option for safekeeping your valuables and increasing security.

The most common combination locks that high school students use in lockers offer a simple interface of just 3 numbers and there’s no key to lose. Just remember those 3 numbers and the correct dial sequence and you’re good to go. Compared to single-dial locks, multi-dial locks are more vulnerable to being broken by a thief as they will have more than one approach to break the lock.

If you’ll keep the combination in a secure location, you’ll never need to break open the lock. Master Lock no longer produces numbers with their locks, so they cannot reveal their factory-set combination to anybody. You can change the number on a multiple-dial lock, but this will not help if the lock is locked and you’ve forgotten your current combo.

How To Open A Combination Lock

To open a standard combination lock, the direction you turn the wheels is 3-2-1. Turn right three times, then twice to the left, and finally once to the right.

To open the lock, rotate the dial three or four times clockwise. Then, turn the dial counterclockwise for one full rotation. Stop on the second number in your combination. Turn the dial clockwise, one rotation directly to find your third number and open up your shackle.

The numbered dials correspond to the number position of each one, starting from the one nearest to the shackle. Simply turn the dials until it lines up with the arrow and open the lock.

Resetting The Combination


The combination on a single-dial lock can not be changed, so it is set at the factory. On a multi-dial lock, different models have different reset procedures. Manufacturers may include a reset tool that fits into the opening at the bottom of the lock or a reset button on the lock. Some locks actually come with neither.

You cannot reset a combination unless you know what the current code is. Set the dials to the existing code and follow one of these procedures:

  • Insert the reset tool into the lock, turn it 90 degrees, and set the new combination. After setting the combination, turn the bar back to its original position and remove it.
  • Set the lock combination by pressing the button, then releasing it when you’ve set the new number combo.
  • Open the shackle fully, then spin it through 90 degrees, and push it down to lock it. If the shackle won’t go down when you rotate it 90 degrees, try rotating it 180 degrees instead. Keep holding the shackle while you set the combination and let go only once the lock is in place.

Forgot The Combination?

Single-dial locks cannot be recovered since they are factory set. If a lock has a serial number, the manufacturer can match it to the combination, but you must provide verification if you are the owner. If a lock has no serial number, then cutting it off or picking is the only option for recovery. Luckily for you, there is a wealth of instructional material on how to pick locks on the internet.

The manufacturer cannot help you if you forget the combination of your multi-dial lock, because you can set it yourself. Two options are available for accessing your lock: cutting it off or picking it up. It is easier to pick a multi-dial lock than a single-dial one, in fact, it took less than a minute to learn how from YouTube videos and/or other sources.

Types Of Combination Lock

  • Mechanical Combination Locks
  • Electronic Combination Locks

Electronic Combination Locks

Electronic Combination Locks

An electronic combination lock uses a keypad that resembles a phone keypad. The number is entered one at a time, just like a phone number. When the number is entered, the lock opens.

Mechanical Combination Locks

Mechanical Combination Locks

Mechanical Combination locks are mechanical devices that keep a door shut until a release mechanism is activated, often a push or turn button. There are several types of locks, but they all provide the same basic function: to secure an opening.

Advantages Of A Combination Lock

  • With combination locks, you do not need to carry a key around with you to unlock the lock.
  • Lock manufacturers are able to produce locks in a variety of colors to suit your preferences
  • Combination Locks can be used with an override key if the code is forgotten.
  • Combination locks are easy to use and great for when you’re in a hurry. They are also compact, making them easy to bring with you.

Disadvantages Of A Combination Lock

  • Combination Locks require you to remember a code.
  • The electronic combination locks are priced higher than the traditional door knobs and are best used indoors. You could buy a waterproof version of the combo lock, but they may be more expensive.

In Conclusion

Combination locks are one of the most important safety precautions you can take when it comes to your home. Not only do they provide extra security for your belongings, but they also make it harder for would-be burglars to gain access to your home without using a key.

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