31 Best Photo Editing Apps To Edit, Enhance, And Store Photos

Having a picture that captures your memories and emotions can be a priceless experience. But with the right editing tools, you can transform it into something even more special. With these best photo editing apps, you’ll have access to endless effects, an intuitive interface, and tons of filters to adjust your photos.

With a vast number of apps to choose from, it is great to keep such a wide range of options available. But the task of finding an app that suits your needs can be challenging. No matter what device you’re using, we’ve worked hard to find the best photo editing apps for you.

Best Photo Editing Apps You Will Love

With the number of mobile devices being used, software developers are aware that photo editing is more important on mobile relative than on desktop computers.

This guide to the best photo editing apps currently is focused on mobile however, you’ll likely recognize lots of names that originally began life as a desktop app relocating down to a mobile version.

Read on for the best photo editing apps, whether you have a tablet or a phone, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user, whether you’re on a small budget or money is no object.

Here are the best photo editing apps.

1. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express combines many of Photoshop’s favorite photo editing tools into a mobile app with a user-friendly interface and plenty of advanced features and it is one of the best photo editing apps on our list

This free app is easy to use and helpful for basic on-the-go editing.

All you have to do is upload a photo from your device, take a new one with the camera, or use an image from your Adobe Creative Cloud account to start editing your graphic.

It includes tools such as cropping, red-eye correction, and so on, but the best part is its selection of smart filters that automatically correct common issues with colors and exposure.

However, Before using Photoshop Express, you’ll need to sign up for a free Adobe ID account. You’ll be able to share your edits with other marketing and social media apps after finishing editing.

Available on IOS and Android for free.

2. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom, best photo editing apps

If you’d like to use an app version of popular desktop software that provides editing tools similar to professional photographers, check out Adobe Lightroom. The app can manage high-quality RAW files and even allows for some in-app photo processing.

What makes this great photo editor app stand out is that it focuses on providing a set of high-quality adjustment tools in easy-to-use sliders. This allows you to adjust the light, detail, color, distortion, and grain of your photo.

Getting access to Adobe Creative Cloud might also get you features like selective editing and Adobe Sensei, an AI system that auto-tags your images based on the content they contain. By finding the perfect image quickly, you can create online media more quickly.

Available on IOS and Android

3. Snapseed


From the best photo editing apps, you can purchase to the best available for free, Google purchased it and started developing it for other devices too. Now you can also use Snapseed on your iPhone and Android phones.

For a free application, one of the best tools is a user-friendly interface that provides plenty of resources. You can export images in JPEG or raw format with ease as well as adjust your images on the following tools: Cropping and adjustments, Looks, filters, and Grain.

Unlike most free best photo editing apps, Snapseed lets you adjust, merge, and save changes as a new stack with a single tap.

The app also allows for non-destructive editing. Should you create a stack that you’re particularly thrilled with, you can save it as your favorite look and apply it to other photos within the app.

Available on IOS and Android for free.



VSCO like Instagram is a service that combines a camera, editing tools, and an online community. Instead of focusing on looks, this free photo app focuses on making your photos look like they were shot on analog film.

It provides filters that are more subtle than many Instagram presets. You can adjust them via simple sliders.

The app has all the editing tools you would find on other apps like exposure, contrast, temperature, or skin tone adjustment. The photos can be shared in VSCO’s community or on other social networks like Instagram.

There’s even a built-in function to share a photo via WhatsApp and SMS.

Available on IOS and Android for free

5. Collage Maker

Collage Maker

On many photo editing apps, you can create simple collages (like those in Photoshop Express). Collage Maker leaps ahead of the pack. With a few taps of your stylus, the app takes a photo and generates a collage that matches your style.

With the ability to create unique photo collages, with thousands of different styles and backgrounds, you can find your perfect match. This tool is also easy to use, with a wide range of fonts, colors, and sizes.

In addition, The app provides basic photo editing tools. There is no need to switch between apps in order to create the perfect college.

Available on IOS and Android

6. TouchRetouch


There was a time when it was difficult to use photo editing software on mobile devices, but as more powerful smartphones and tablets have hit the market, that has changed. Today’s editing software like TouchRetouch is highly versatile and loaded with powerful features.

The app, accessible on Android and iOS, is about getting rid of unwanted objects. It’s available with the Line tool to remove items that are obstructing an otherwise perfect photo.

Maybe you’re having a bad day and can’t stop fuming over a blemish or offending object on the wall, or noticed a little speck in your camera’s viewfinder — all you need is TouchRetouch; it’ll have your image looking like new again in minutes.

Compared to other photo fix apps on Android and the iPhone, TouchRetouch is the best one for quickly touching up your photos.

For the cost, TouchRetouch has features that can actually compete with pro-grade photo editing software for iPad.

7. Visage


It’s okay to have pimples, bags under the eyes, or not white teeth when taking selfies. Believe it or not, there are many photo editing apps on the app store that can help. The free Visage app is waiting for you, which lets you quickly and easily edit your portrait photos.

It specifically offers the ability to smooth skin, reduce skin shine, whiten teeth, apply eye makeup, and more.

The app allows you to choose from a variety of backgrounds and effects to add flair to your selfies. While the free version does show a lot of ads, those with access to the pro version ($4.99 for unlimited use or $9.99 per year) will escape these drawbacks.

It is also another best photo editing apps you can consider

Available on IOS and Android

8. Afterlight


Afterlight, which is affectionately nicknamed the “all-in-one” photo editing app by its makers, boasts a feature set that includes tools to adjust the exposure, hue/saturation, contrast, and tone. It also offers options to add and customize the text.

Plus, there are more than 20 advanced tools to choose from, such as selective hue, natural curves, and grain.

You can also create unique images with textures like film effects or light leaks. These tools allow you to create something that stands out from the crowd.

Available on IOS and Android Free

9. Canva


This Canva app is not just for photos, but also for creating posters, infographics, and visuals. Canva is perfect to help build beautiful marketing collateral and your website.

You can now use the Canva app to start creating all of your visuals that stay consistent no matter where they are. You can take a photo, edit it on the spot, and publish your content in minutes rather than hours.

With a customizable interface, your photos will look professional in minutes and you can post to social media and your website in no time.

Available on IOS and Android

10. GoDaddy Studio

GoDaddy Studio

The really neat thing about GoDaddy Studio is that it has a plethora of editing features, including blurring and tints. The text-designer option puts this app over the top in terms of usability.

With a variety of text overlays, you can add relevant text for your images, which you can style on the app. Special fonts are also available, as well as a simple editing interface.

You can also edit the image to change color, size, and text alignment. Plus, you can pinch to resize text. The app also features a layering system for adding multiple texts to a single image.

You can customize the template as you want and then share it on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels. The best thing about this app is its cheap tool, so it’s a great way to generate awareness for your business.

Available on IOS and Android free

11. Prisma Photo Editor

Prisma Photo Editor

Prisma, the App Store App of the Year, has continued to grow since its win. A photo editing and artwork app, Prisma renders your favorite photos as beautiful works of art. This makes it different from other traditional apps. The app features a growing library of styles such as filters, known as “styles.”

Prisma makes it easy to express your unique style by applying the desired color scheme at an AI-selected level.

You can then adjust the colors to enhance the final image according to your taste. Prisma has a suite of editing tools you can use which includes sliders for adjusting saturation, sharpness, and exposure.

The document editor is not for image editing, but you can use it to fine-tune your photos before applying a filter. Prisma has an impressive library of filters and styles available, which is always growing with new releases every day.

The social aspect of making fun images with friends is addicting and the core functionality pairs perfectly with the enjoyment.

The app is simple but has two subscription options. A basic version is available for free, but you can also try the premium options.

Available on IOS and Android

12. Instagram


Instagram is the most popular social app. It’s free and offers a lot of great photo editing features. When editing your images, choose from color balancing sliders and sharpness and structure. The simplicity makes it easy to share your photos with the world.

Similar to VSCO, filters are the main draw here. They allow you to tune and adjust your photo’s appearance in seconds, perfect for your social media feed.

Many users have turned to Instagram for its simplicity and photo library. It is better suited as a social feed than an editing suite, though it offers many benefits.

While it is best used as a post-production tool, Instagram does offer many pluses, including the ability to share without needing to make changes before posting.

For photographers, Instagram is a good option for getting inspiration and testing out options. A drawback of the app is that you can’t download high-resolution versions of your edited images.

Available For IOS and Android

13. Foodie – Camera For Life

Foodie - Camera For Life

This food-focused app is one of the best photo editing apps to help you craft Instagram-ready images. The library of presets and tools helps you master telling a story with flat lay food photography.

Foodie comes with a wide range of attractive filters that are perfect for everything from food to travel videos. The slider tools are also quite comprehensive and provide the ability to edit still images as well as videos.

For selfie enthusiasts, Foodie has a variety of presets for you to use when taking a picture. With the timer, you can ensure you’ve taken the best shot.

The Foodie app allows you to create art within seconds and it is free to download for your social feed. Foodie is great because of its range of filters, effects, and editing features.

Available on IOS and Android

14. Lens Distortions

Lens Distortions

Lens Distortions is a layer-based photo editor for creating high-quality cinematic effects with After Effects. With these features, you can recreate iconic cinematic effects, including lens flares and fog. The creators of the app drew inspiration for their design from advertising and film.

The app is packed with features, including the ability to adjust the color intensity and light balance with their intuitive layers tool. You have options for over 400 effects by using automatically generated portraits or using them on other images.

If you would like to use a very limited number of tools within Lens Distortions, you can get started with the app for free. For access to all of the effects and layers, you’ll need an unlimited subscription.

Available on Android and iPhone Free

15. Hypocam


As one of the best photo editing apps for black and white photography, photographers can use Hypocam to edit their photos with a sleek and minimal interface.

All of the standard creative editing tools are included such as exposure, shadows, and contrast. Everything you find in most photo editing games is here such as blur, focus, and adjust the color balance.

In the process of shooting and editing, you have access to filters and adjustments to your shot. You can save it for future use if you want. If you don’t mind re-creating an image, exporting the original works well enough in most cases.

Within the app, you will find a social feed and story section. You can find inspiration, discover photographers, and pick up tips on this social side. The app is free, but it includes paid textures to unlock more options.

Available on IOS and Android free.

16. Bazaart


If you are looking for more than just a filter for your photos, Bazaart can help you leverage their photo retouching tools with unique effects.

This app allows you to create photos by merging layers of text, graphics, and images. You can even move content around for more creative purposes.

An app like Bazaart is perfect for people who are just starting to explore phone editing, while also offering a simple user experience and pre-made designs.

It has layouts with instant background removal and templates to help you get started.

Available on IOS | Free

17. Focos


This app makes it possible for you to simulate professional-quality images like those found with mirrorless camera lenses.

With Focos, users have access to different aperture sizes and a plethora of effects and filters, as well as the option to simulate lens characteristics, such as swirly bokeh, creamy bokeh spot effects, and reflex sights.

Focos is a mobile app that quickly saves pictures from your camera roll to its own library, so you can easily reload and refocus them again. You may even save the photos in portrait mode and maintain depth data.

Available on IOS only.

18. Pixlr


The Pixlr is another best photo editing app, It provides you with more options than other free apps, and it allows for complete control over your images, from the aspect ratio to color grading.

The app also has more creative tools than Afterlight, and the effects are really cool. You can upload text, borders, and unique after-effects to your image. This makes Pixlr a great option for making unique images for social networks.

With adjusting features such as overlays, filters, and auto-fix, there’s a wide range of ways to transform photos. Its Double exposure lets you merge photos into one piece with adjustable transparency and easy adjustment.

You can also create watercolor, sketching, and painting effects through Pixlr. This app strays into the territory of being more fun than functional but remains a great option. You can download Pixlr for free, though you’ll have to pay for some texture and overlay packs.

Available on IOS and Android

19. Adobe Photoshop Fix

Adobe Photoshop Fix

Photoshop Fix is not meant to offer filters or effects, but rather to use in cases where you need to fix or remove unwanted aspects of your photos.

The simple and intuitive app makes light professional-level edits to photos. It starts with a few things, such as adjusting shadows, color accuracy, and highlights, among others. But it’s the Liquify section that truly shines—it can make your images in ways you cannot have imagined otherwise.

With face recognition, you can adjust facial mapping for a perfect photo. After uploading the portrait, the app will automatically register characters such as eyes and nose.

If you are a Creative Cloud user, you can share your edits directly to Photoshop on your desktop computer for further editing.

Available on Android Only

20. Photoleap


One of the best features offered by this app is the ability to blend photos together to get a dramatic effect, such as when someone is walking into the frame. It offers the ability to add graphic elements to your photo.

While Photoleap has a learning curve that is about the same as Photoshop’s, it does have a lot of features and videos to teach you how to use them.

The downside is that the free version only allows you to use two layers. If you want to let your creativity run wild, you’ll need to subscribe to the unlimited version.

Available on IOS only.

21. Superimpose X

Superimpose X

Superimpose X is another best photo editing app that allows you to create surreal photos. is a convenient app allowing you to create amazing photos? It strikes a good balance between editing and effects.

The app’s features can go a little too complex, but tutorials help even the most novice of users master everything.

The app has an easy-to-use interface and a selection of custom filters. Beginners can create professional-looking, high-quality images without extensive trial and error. There is also the ability to edit several layers simultaneously.

You can easily add light leaks and other photo effects, or make minor adjustments to clarity, shadows, or colors with this Photoshop-style suite. Superimpose X has a number of masking tools that allow you to completely transform your image.

The app is capable of a variety of different blending modes and automatic masking, aided by AI.

Available on Android and IOS

Best Paid Photo Editing Apps

There are tons of free photo editing apps out there (reviewed above) that will help you design amazing photos, but if you’re looking for something a little more powerful and professional, check out this review of the best-paid photo editing apps with lots of great features.

22. FaceTune


Facetune is another portrait photo editing app with the tools to help you look your best. It allows you to quickly make adjustments such as hiding blemishes and smoothing skin, and those effects can be applied with just a few swipes and taps.

Facetune has sets of fun graphics that allow you to change the backgrounds of your selfies. Be sure to use it in moderation or your selfie could end up looking decidedly unnatural and bizarre.

With the blue button to the bottom right, you can switch between your edited and original image. This lets you view your progress, by comparison, to easily mark where you can improve.

Available on IOS and Android | $3.99



Never have you taken a great photo, only to find that some of the angles were slightly off and it was hard to make it work. SKRWT is another best photo editing app that can fix all those errors for you!

While it automatically crops your images and offers perspective correction, you can also manually edit the perspective of your images using the app’s “4 Points Correction” feature.

This app has a variety of automated photo editing options that are easy to use. With SKRWT, you can correct lens distortion found in most smartphone cameras.

The app allows you to align your shot within a fraction of a second and produce high-quality images without any experience or skills.

Available on IOS and Android

24. Pixelmator PRO

Pixelmator PRO

Pixelmator includes a professional-level end product that can be used by both photographers and graphic designers. They have combined the tools needed for this profession into one, easy-to-use mobile app.

This tool is feature-packed and layers which makes it ideal for people who want to create graphics, effects, collages, and other digital art. It comes with preset templates, collages, and effects that are very useful for professional artists.

The amazing part is that the interface is very easy to use.

With an easy-to-use app, one can edit pieces of content in progress without worry (it costs $39.99).

Available on IOS only

25. Distressed FX

Distressed FX

The Distressed FX is another best photo editing app with a twist. You can choose between various textured images and overlays to transform your image, making something amazing.

Users praise this photo editor app for its easy-to-use nature and ability to unleash your creativity. You can add extra elements you wouldn’t otherwise have at your disposal, turn images into photographs, and so much more with this app.

If you are looking for unique visuals, then this app is there to help you. This can be done with just a few taps of the screen.

Available on IOS

26. Aftercut


With a range of filters and masks, Aftercut turns your photos into professional-looking, eye-catching images. With pre-made effects, you can design images that are more creative and high quality than you could with Instagram.

The app allows you to adjust your tone, adjust the brightness and many other colors, and use fun effects such as mono adjustments. Experiencing a dizzying number of options can be really enjoyable.

Aftercut doesn’t have as many tools as Adobe Photoshop, but it does include seven cut-out tools for a lower price. You can even adjust, resize, or extend the selection area while editing an image.

Available on IOS

27. Mextures Photo Editor

Mextures Photo Editor

With Mextures, you can easily stack multiple layers of adjustment on top of each other and edit them independently. The interface simplifies photo editing by providing intuitive layer-based options for advanced users.

Plus, the app comes with lots of beautiful filters to make your photos more visually appealing. The app includes a quick photo editor as well, which will help you create unique visual experiences with dust, film grain, textures, gradients, and light leaks.

Best Photo Editing App For PC

This article section is about the best photo editing app for PC and how it’s a great option for those who want to edit photos on their computer.

28. Photo Director Essential

photodirector 14134 1

Photo Director Essential is a fully loaded photo editing software for those who have never used other advanced programs like Lightroom or Photoshop. It has features that are similar to those found on these programs, such as the ability to process and enhance images.

With advanced word processing, design options, photo editing, and customization functionality, you can create eye-catching content without needing skills in graphic design.

With features such as removing objects from photos, tagging faces, and adding blur effects, the Photo Director is able to edit any media with distinct quality. Using its brush and image editors, you can create images from scratch or enhance portraits and other photos.

All of these premium features are available in the free version, but you can buy a one-time subscription plan to access AI-powered features like sky replacement, GIF animation, and more.

The software gets updated regularly and introduces new features. If you’re a novice, you’ll find it easy to use and have plenty of guides on how to style your pictures in different ways.

29. Fotor

fotor photo editor featured image

Fotor allows beginners to quickly edit photos, no matter whether you’re on a PC or a mobile device. Some of the editing options include cropping, tilting, rotating, and straightening.

You can also create collages of your photos, convert raw files, enhance your images, add filters, frames, and borders, improve photo appearance, and add blur effects.

To get access to its full HDR support, you’ll need to buy its paid version.

30. Luminar AI

luminar ai screenshot 01

Luminar AI is a paid tool that doesn’t offer a free version. It has AI in every step of its process. You can adjust the light composition and other settings easily, as well as replace the sky in photos. There are even artificial intelligence tools that exist specifically to create eye-catching color photography.

The system can deal with professional photos. For example, you can add everything from the augmented sky to film grain to your images through pre-made templates.

With professional editing tools, like the focus tool, you can undo distortions and eliminate chromatic aberration in the photo portrait mode. You can also edit specific areas of photographs like faces, skin and bodies.

With Luminar AI, you retain the ability to revert changes that are made in your photos. You can also use this as a plugin for Lightroom or Photoshop without permanently altering originals.

31. Darktable


Described as free, open-source software with a community of professionals to help newbies learn the basics, Darktable is best for beginners, students, and newbie photographers who want to start cheap.

This particular software is similar to Adobe Lightroom and has many similar features. It comes with features like selection, metadata editor, tagging, and file export that make file management easier.

You can also sort your imported files by a range of filters. What sets this software apart is that it has customizable aspects such as adjusting the exposure, contrast, curve, tone, RGB level, and noise. It even comes with its own presets that you can use.

It’s easy to adjust the quality of your printouts with this software. Although this software has a learning curve, you can download the user guide that covers most of the features.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best photo editing apps?

The best photo editing apps to edit, enhance and store photos: Adobe Lightroom, Snapseed, VSCO, Collage Maker

What are the best photo editing apps for a beginner?

GoDaddy Studio, Instagram, Afterlight, Lens Distortions, Prisma, Foodie.

In Conclusion

So which are the best photo editing apps? The best photo editing apps will depend on which one clicks with your style of photography best. Thanks to the high quality of most mobile photo editing apps, it’s easy to be a photographer on the move.

Editing pictures has never been so simple and there are even special effects available that are overall beneficial for an aesthetically pleasing picture.

Most of the decision comes down to preference. Apps are well-balanced for landscape photography or portrait photography, though you’ll ultimately decide based on how the app feels and fits into your photo process.

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