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10 Overall Best Budget Air Fryer UK 2021

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If you want to cook something fast and without a lot of oil, an air fryer might be a great appliance for your kitchen. It’s easy to use and cooks food in a way that is healthier than deep-frying, but it can still give you the crispy outer layer that makes food taste delicious.

The best budget air fryer uk is a cooking utensil that uses the power of hot air and convection to cook food. This type of technology helps cooks save energy, time, and money without sacrificing taste or quality. The most popular types of foods cooked by an air fryer are French fries, chicken wings, fried eggs, bacon strips, and onion rings.

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There are many benefits to using this appliance such as easy cleaning process because it’s dishwasher safe; less oil usage which means healthier meals; no need for preheating meaning no waiting around; they’re very quiet so you can use them during work hours without disturbing anyone else in the house.

However, when it comes to finding the best budget air fryer uk, you need to know which features are important for your needs.

This article will help you find the model that is perfect for you and your family.

The best budget air fryer uk will offer multiple cooking options so that everyone can enjoy their favorite foods without any problems.

Best Budget Air Fryer uk

Air fryers are a great investment. They save you time and money on your food, not to mention they’re more healthy than deep frying.

The latest trends in cooking are bringing healthier options to the forefront, and that includes air fryers. This is because they use less oil than traditional frying methods. Air fryers also help cut down on the amount of time you spend cooking since they cook food faster.

If you’re looking for the best budget air fryer UK for your needs, then this is the right article for you.

Here’s our top 10 best budget air fryer uk list. This way you can find the right one that meets your cooking style and needs.

10. Breville Halo Air Fryer, Digital Air Fryer Oven

budget air fryer UK

GREAT PRODUCT… I can highly recommend this product. Saves lot of time and cooks more healthy

Verified Buyer

The Breville Halo Air Fryer is a powerful and healthy way to cook delicious fried foods.

This powerful oven can do everything from frying up some tasty fried food to baking an entire chicken in just 99% less oil than other fryers- so you don’t have to worry about unhealthy oils being added into your diet when it’s time for dinner at home or with friends.

The 5-1/2L capacity provides enough space for whole chicken as well as family meals, making this an ideal addition to your kitchen appliances collection at home or office.

The Breville Halo Air Digital Fryer lets you cook a variety of foods with just one appliance. You can air fry, bake or roast your favorite dish and even sauté vegetables.

The detachable air-frying basket can be washed in seconds thanks to its dishwasher-safe design! You’ll also love how this device shuts off automatically after 30 minutes so there’s no need for you set it on a timer or keep checking up on things while cooking seshes like chicken wings.

Key Features

  • Power: 1700 watts
  • Capacity: ‎5.5 litres
  • Display; Digital
  • 360° air circulation

9. Philips Essential Air Fryer


IMPRESSED… I was a bit skeptical at first as to how well this would work but it’s proved very versatile. Very quiet when operating and easy to use. It’s really only big enough for two portions but it saves putting on the oven just for one or two items. Cooks quick, around 30% less time than normal and not waiting to warm up.

Verified Buyer

Imagine a world where you can enjoy fried food without guilt. The Philips Essential Air Fryer with Rapid Air Technology lets you fry up to 90% less fat and still get that crispy exterior while enjoying healthier options like frozen snacks or veggies.

This device also has an easy touch screen interface for selecting your preferred cooking style: meat/fish; chicken drumsticks; cakes & fruit pies.

Choose from 7 preset programs including meat and fish among many others in order to save time or use your creativity when making dinner tonight–and have them ready later that day if needed because the keep warm function will help provide stability so they stay tasty even after sitting out on low heat longer than expected.

The Philips Essential Air Fryer with Rapid Air Technology is a delicious way to enjoy your favorite recipes every day. With the NutriU app, you can find new and interesting recipes and daily inspiration based on your preferences each time it updates.

This appliance has got everything you need for a well-balanced lifestyle.

Key Specs

  • Power: ‎1400 watts
  • Capacity; ‎4.1 litres
  • Material; ‎Plastic

8. Ninja Air Fryer 3.8 Litres Most Versatile Air Fryer


ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS… Like everything about it fantastic air fryer.

Verified Buyer

The Ninja Air Fryer is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to enjoy fried food but doesn’t want all that unhealthy grease.

This amazing appliance makes it possible to fry up delicious guilt-free treats without needing any oil at all.

With four cooking functions including air frying which can cut fat by 75%*, this oven cooks your favorite dishes with high temperatures and minimal radiant energy – so you won’t even miss out on those crispy edges or Restaurant style smells when enjoying home-cooked meals again (no matter how busy life gets)

The dishwasher-safe parts are easy to clean & along 3. 8 L nonstick baskets; there’s never been an easier way to make great tasting goodies like wings, bacon bits.

With simple touchscreen controls, you choose between different functions such as Roast or Reheat to cook delicious main courses with ease! You can even use frozen food without defrosting first – making this appliance an essential addition to your kitchen today.

Key Specs

  • Power: 1550 watts
  • Capacity: ‎3.8 litres
  • Material; ‎Plastic

7. COSORI Air Fryer Oven with Rapid Air CirculationMost Easy to Use Air Fryer


ECONOMICAL AND SAVES TIME…Like everything about this model, So versatile can cook most everyday meals,also like the square basket

Verified Buyer

COSORI Air Fryer Oven is designed with rapid air circulation technology, which means you can cook food in less time and be healthier without having to worry about the fat.

With 11 cooking presets that are preprogrammed for your favorite recipes or even just plain old chicken wings. The 3-layer nonstick basket helps prevent messes while shaking reminds users when it’s time to shake off excess oil before serving so no matter what dish they’re preparing COSORi will always produce tasty results every single time.

With this smart device, you can have a perfect meal on demand. It features an easy-to-use digital LED display that gives instructions with one touch and offers options for different types of food like French fries or steak!

You’ll love how it helps in creating delicious items such as breaded chicken wings in just minutes without having any kitchen experience required.

The air fryer is easy to clean! It includes a removable, nonstick-coated basket that can go into your dishwasher when you’re done using it.

Key Specs

  • Power: 1500 watts
  • Capacity: ‎3.5 litres
  • Material: ‎Stainless Steel, Plastic

6. Tristar Crispy Hot air fryerBest Mini Air Fryer


SIMPLE, EASY AND TASTY… The product looks great and is so simple to use and the results are absolutely great. And to think that it is also healthy

Verified Buyer

If you want to save time, space, and money in the kitchen, look no further than this Tristar Mini Crispy Fryer.

The Tristar FR-6980 Mini Crispy Fryer, which has an incredible 1000 watt power rating and only takes up two liters in volume!

With convection heating technology it can bake bread or cook appetizing chicken breasts without needing any oil at all – just hot air from its 1.7-liter capacity housing unit below decking out frying pan with ease while being able to roast vegetables easily too thanks so much this little machine’s compact size.

Key Specs

  • Power: ‎1000 watts
  • Voltage: ‎220 Volts
  • Material: ‎Plastic
  • Capacity; ‎2 litres

5. Tower Family Size Air Fryer – Best Family Size Air Fryer


IMPRESSED… Bought this after doing a lot of comparing with others and thought I’d plump on this model. Easy to set up, and just used for the first time and the results were fabulous!

Verified Buyer

The new 4.3 litre black Tower air fryer is the perfect kitchen companion for those looking to enjoy a fast and convenient alternative to family cooking, with an advanced vortx technology that will ensure your ingredients are cooked thoroughly while still retaining their crispy texture.

With only minimal oil required, this sleek little machine can cook just about anything without all of those messy heat sources you often find in other models–and at 99% less than what it would take if using conventional methods.

VORTX technology is a revolutionary new way to cook food, using just one spoonful of oil. With rapid air circulation and no heat-conductive metal utensils required to cook fatty or moist items, you can enjoy fried delicacies without worrying about the health issues associated with traditional deep frying methods.

No need for greasy pots either; this innovative system allows fat from cooking onto its surface instead so that only clean dishes remain at the end when done eating.

Vortx’s patented design ensures even heating throughout all parts in contact which means fewer spray surfaces on your pans making cleanup much easier.

With easy-to-use dial controls, you can adjust the 60-minute timer and temperature (80-200°C) to ensure that your food is cooked perfectly every time.

Key Specs

  • Power: 1500 watts
  • Capacity; ‎4.3 litres
  • Material; Plastic

4.Tefal ActiFry Genius Health Air Fryer


BETTER THAN EXPECTED… This is an excellent machine which makes chips with little or no oil which my husband says are the best he’s had for a long time. It is very easy to use and sooo easy to clean. No more deep fat fryers…result!

Verified Buyer

The Tefal ActiFry Genius XL Health Air Fryer is the perfect frying appliance for cooking all your favorite fried foods with 99 Percent less fat added.

With its clever combination of hot air and automatic stirring paddle, it goes a long way in making sure that everything gets cooked thoroughly without any leftovers or waste!

Plus you can get things done hands-free too thanks to this high-tech kitchen gadget which will never take up space on your countertop again because not only does it do the hard work but also takes care of itself while doing so.

ActiFry is a two-in-one program that allows you to mix all of your ingredients at once and make it into food fast. You can get 300+ recipes for free on the My Actifry app or access seasonal collections with handpicked selections from the programming through an online portal.

This 1.7 kg capacity air fryer has all the features you could ask for! It automatically stops cooking when done to prevent overcooking your food while keeping it warm when cleaning up in a snap. Plus, dishwasher-safe parts make cleanup super easy so less time spent at home? Ready set go entertain with ease.


3. Philips Airfryer with Rapid Air Technology


IMPRESSIVE… It is quite easy to use, and does give reasonable result

Verified Buyer

With the Philips Viva Airfryer, you can fry your favorite foods with air to make them crispy on the outside and tender inwards. You don’t need any oil for perfect results! Plus it only takes 80% less fat than traditional frying methods too.

The Philips Airfryer has a selection of features that make it an excellent choice for your next family dinner. With grilling, roasting, and baking options available you’ll be able to prepare anything from pizzas right up until desserts.

With the Philips air fryer, you’re in control. Simply turn the dials to select how fast and at what temperature your food should be cooked–from 80’c all way down to 200.

You can make everything from fresh vegetables; crispy fish or meat pies; frozen veggie chips (including potatoes!) The versatility makes this appliance perfect for any diet.

The 800g capacity of this compact and sleek model ensures that you can do your dishes without any hassle. The removable parts are dishwasher safe to make clean up quick and easy, while still keeping it looking like a professional-grade appliance.

Key Specs

  • Power: 1425 watts
  • Voltage; ‎230 Volts
  • Material: ‎Plastic
  • Capacity: ‎0.8 Kilograms

2. Power Air Fryer Cooker


GREAT ITEM…Fantastic item, no kitchen smells, no fat splatters, cooks evenly and thoroughly.

Verified Buyer

The Power Air Fryer Cooker is a 3-in-1 multi-functional cooker. It’s an air fryer, rotisserie oven, and dehydrator all in one.

This means it can cook up to 75% more than the XL model – perfect for families who want different foods cooked at once or people on busy schedules that don’t always find time during their day-long enough to do everything they need/want before bedtime arrives.

You can also use this appliance like any other external furnace when you need fried food which will cut down on your time greatly – making healthier choices easier than ever before because there’s no waiting around while something else cooks or bakes.

It’s easy to use and has an adjustable time/temperature control panel that you can customize with the touch of your fingers thanks to its quick, digital LED display indicator lights on top.

Not only does this save energy by having less physical work done but also keeps things looking clean as well since all accessories are dishwasher safe so there won’t be any scrubbing necessary after cooking, baking, or doing dishes.

Key Specs

  • Power; 1800 watts
  • Item Weight: ‎5.5 kg
  • Auto Shutoff: No
  • Display; Digital
  • Rotating mesh basket

1. Uten Oil Free Hot Air Fryer


GOOD PRODUCT, EASY TO USE…It cooks very well, and quickly, Easy to clean, Fantastic product highly recommend 

Verified Buyer

Have you ever wanted to make your own delicious and crispy meals but didn’t want the hassle of deep-frying?

The Uten Oil-Free Hot Air Fryer with LCD Touch Screen is a great solution for those who are looking to avoid unhealthy fats. Its easy-to-use 8 in 1 cooking mode lets you choose from CHIP, chicken steak shrimp pizza fish, or cake.

The air fryer is a healthier alternative to traditional deep-fryers and it cuts down on grease, giving you 80% less fat but more delicious food. You can make crispy fried chicken steak, French fries, or even pizza in this appliance – all without the extra calories.

Uten’s air fryer is a safe and easy-to-use appliance that can be used by seniors as well as kids. With features such as overheat protection and auto-off sensors, you don’t have to worry about cooking accidents while using the Air Fryer.

The fryer has a closure design that prevents the pot from falling out by gently moving it during use or shaking.

Key Specs

  • Power; 1800 watts
  • Capacity: 6.5 litres
  • Voltage: 220 Volts
  • Auto Shutoff: Yes
  • Item Weight: ‎5.3 kg

What is an Air Fryer?

Air fryers are small, countertop convection ovens that use hot air to cook food by heating air up to around 200°C and circulating it around the inside of the appliance. The circulating fan increases the circulation and speeds up browning reactions; usually, this results in a crispier exterior without any additional oil needed!

The possibilities are endless with the best of them being that you can cook whole chickens, rotisserie, and even make your own dried fruit or yogurt. (Source)

Features to look out for when buying an air fryer:

  • Capacity: To make the most of your food, it’s important to buy a fryer with enough capacity. The size of your unit will dictate what you’re cooking. For example, if it’s to cook a whole chicken then opt for the larger ones which can hold up to 5 liters worth! If on the other hand have smaller families or just want fries with their burger don’t worry about having an overblown fryer – 2L is sufficient
  • Smart controls; In few cases, the smart features in some air fryers can be controlled with a phone or tablet
  • Auto shut-off – The air fryer will turn off when the food is ready. Some models don’t have this function, so you need to listen for a beeping timer and make sure it’s turned back on before removing anything from your frying pan or oven!
  • Pull-out tray– Some air fryers have a pull out tray to place food and these don’t generally allow you check on your meal during cooking process unless it is actually extracted from the appliance.
  • Safety- One of the most important things to look for when buying an air fryer, is that it has safety features. Look out for a well-insulated model with grip handles so you don’t burn your hands while removing the basket and non slip feet on both sides which prevents accidents in case this appliance slips off its base or locks lid shut during operation..Most importantly though be sure there’s automatic Shut-offs to prevent over cooking of food.
  • Temperature controls– Some air fryers have this function, while others don’t. It’s worth noting that temperature control doesn’t necessarily lead to better- tasting food–you may find it enough just by relying on the relevant ‘function’ buttons of your appliance for frying rather than using oil or electricity as heating sources. (Source)

In Conclusion

We hope you enjoyed our list of the 10 best budget air fryer uk.

If you’re looking to buy an air fryer, we recommend that you take a look at these options before making your final decision! It’s important to find one that suits your needs and offers all the features you want. Make sure it is durable enough for use with large families or multiple people cooking on it every day,

Be sure to read our reviews on each product thoroughly before purchasing anything and we are so sure these appliances will be perfect for your household!

If there is a product that interests you, we highly recommend shopping now on Amazon!

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