7 Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $50

It’s not always easy to find Bluetooth speakers that deliver on their promise of quality performance at ultra-low prices. To some getting an affordable Bluetooth speaker, always seem like sacrificing quality.

However, many of these Bluetooth speakers under $50 still deliver a good sound performance, even offer water protection, and are protected to the same level as more upmarket offerings.

Although most tend to be smaller in size and simple in design, several models offer extended battery life and some can be paired with a second speaker to create stereo sound.

In this article, we’ve reviewed seven (7) of the best Bluetooth speakers under $50, with the best performance and value, while saving you the stress.

What Are The Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $50, $100?


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Red Bluetooth speaker on wooden table with white background. Space for texture.

Our Bluetooth speaker picks offer you sound quality, deep bass, extended battery life, and above all they are totally wireless.

Whether you want something with a portable design, voice assistant capabilities, or sound customization features, you will find a Bluetooth speaker within your budget in our review below.

1. Sony SRS-XB13 

sony1 20

This is a great little speaker for listening to music, news, etc. from your phone. The sound quality is outstanding for such a small speaker when listening to music with clear highs and deep bass. 

Verified Buyer

The Sony SRS-XB13 is an excellent go anywhere, do anything Bluetooth speaker that’s great for the home or on the move.

The sleek design allows it to fit into any space with ease while its rugged construction means you needn’t worry about bringing yours out when there are windy days at your beach spot.

Listen for longer with up to 16 hours of battery life and a convenient battery life indicator. The built-in mic lets you enjoy hands-free calling straight through your speaker.

The XB13 is durable and portable and includes a specially engineered strap to make it easier to travel with. But don’t be fooled by its small size these best Bluetooth speakers under $50 pack plenty of punch.

It is waterproof and dustproof with an IP67 rating and new UV coating for extra durability in the elements, you can take your speaker to the pool, the forest, the city, or wherever you’d like.

Sony is available in multiple colors like Powder Blue (Amazon exclusive), Black, Taupe, Coral Pink, & Light Blue.


  • Extra bass for a deep and punchy sound
  • Sound Diffusion Processor expands sound far and wide
  • Waterproof and dustproof (IP67 rated)
  • Up to 16 hours of battery life with indicator
  • Compact portable design with multiway strap included
  • Add an extra speaker for stereo sound
  • Connect and stream music easily with Bluetooth

sony1 21

2. Echo Dot (4th Gen)

echo1 2

 Sound is beautiful. I love playing music and the tone is great. Highly recommended.

Verified Buyer

The Echo Dot is the most popular smart speaker with Alexa. The sleek, compact design delivers crisp vocals and balanced bass for full sound and will fit in any living space.

With immersive sound, An oval-shaped down-firing woofer handles the lower frequencies and is mounted directly above a slotted bass aperture.

You get to use the 3.5mm auxiliary jack or even pair over Wi-Fi to other devices. With Alexa built-in, you can control your smart home easily or get the answer to that question nagging at your friend during the party.

The built-in smart home hub lets you control Zigbee-compatible devices with Alexa. Keep your family in sync and communicate to any room of the house using Drop-In Announcements, all while keeping their privacy protected by Amazon’s strict security standards

At an affordable price, the Echo Dot is among the best Bluetooth speakers under $50 with outstanding features.

echo1 3

3. Braven BRV-Mini – Waterproof Pairing Speaker


Easy set up and great sound quality. Compact. I use it with my Android and Pandora.

Verified Buyer

The small but mighty Braven BRV-Mini packs a surprisingly big punch, with room-filling acoustics and boosted bass. This waterproof speaker boasts a 12-hour playtime, and it even floats—making it perfect for your next outdoor adventure.

Its wireless pairing capabilities mean you can pair two units together for an immersive stereo experience, It also has a pair of dual passive radiators that send sound in all directions, so you don’t need to be in front of it when listening.

Braven BRV-Mini earned an IPX7 durability rating, which means it’s dustproof and waterproof enough to be held under 3.3ft of water for up to 30 minutes.

If you need a durable and one of the best Bluetooth speakers under $50 that can charge your devices in case of emergency, and don’t mind it being a little heavier, the BRV-Mini is perfect for the task.

braven1 1

4. JBL GO 3 Waterproof Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

JBL1 13

Very good for the size.

Have a great volume, you can use in places that are a little bigger than your own room

Verified Buyer

The JBL GO 3 is a waterproof and dustproof speaker that delivers big audio and punchy bass from its ultra-compact size.

It can be brought anywhere and everywhere with the ability to stream music from your phone, tablet, or any compatible Bluetooth-enabled device wirelessly.

A portable design, colorful fabric, and expressive details help the Go 3 look as good as it sounds while providing up to five hours of playtime on a single charge the Integrated loop lets you carry the Go 3 everywhere.

JBL Go 3 features bold styling and rich JBL Pro Sound. It comes in completely new shades and color combinations inspired by current street fashion. Go 3 is one of the best Bluetooth speakers under $50.

JBL1 14

5. COMISO Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers 

comiso1 1

This thing is legit. Super great battery life with good sound and volume! We took it to the beach. Used it for over 16 hours in 3 days on the same battery

Verified Buyer

Finally on our list of the best Bluetooth speakers under $50, is the COMISO Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers. It’s a sound best-performing portable speaker, engineered to spread deep, jaw-dropping 360° Hifi sound and punchy bass.

With two precision acoustic drivers, these outdoor Bluetooth speakers produce crystal clear sound that will fill your room with quality and depth.

The IPX5-rated waterproof speakers are perfect for poolside, beach trips, or any outdoor activities when water can get in. They’re splash-resistant but cannot be fully submerged so they will never short out from being dripped.

The new ultra-portable speaker by COMISO is the perfect way to enjoy your favorite tunes on the go, with a rechargeable battery that can last for up 24 hours at just 2/3 volume, weighing only 13 ounces in total.

comiso1 2

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $100

bluetooth1 5

Bluetooth speaker has features that make for an enjoyable listening experience like easy access to your favorite music or podcasts from internet services.

Additional features include voice prompts for power on/off; battery status, pairing mode; Bluetooth-device connection status, and a USB charging port for mobile devices to charge while playing music.

Luckily, Bluetooth speakers are available at a budget-friendly price with access to the same features as the expensive ones.

Here is our list of the two(2) best Bluetooth speakers under $100

6. UE MEGABOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

UE1 2

Perfect choice!! Speaker was in great 10/10 condition and works perfectly, definitely buy another if it was needed!

Verified Buyer

The Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM is a portable Bluetooth speaker well-suited for outdoor use, with an outstandingly long battery life and an IP67 rating for dust and water resistance.

You can use the graphic EQ in its companion app to customize the sound profile to your liking. Thanks to its 360-degree design, it has a remarkable soundstage that’s perceived as wide and spacious from all angles.

Its rechargeable Lithium-ion battery stays powered and pumping tunes for 20 hours on a single charge.

Add the power-up charging Dock (sold separately) to charge Ultimate Ears Boom wirelessly so it’s always ready to go on your next musical adventure.

UE Megaboom is one of the best Bluetooth speakers under $100 you can buy thanks to its rugged design, long battery life, and audio performance, plus the new DJ feature is a clever way to get your music in the action.

UE1 3

7. JBL FLIP 5, Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

jbl 52

I used this speaker to play background music at an art event. It sounded great and I could easily raise or lower the sound with my phone. I used it all day and the battery lasted fine.

Verified Buyer

The JBL FLIP 5, Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker is the perfect solution for taking your music on the go. Whether you’re headed to work or just looking to keep things interesting at home, this powerful little device has what it takes.

It is a happy-medium speaker when it comes to portability, sound quality, and convenience. With its lightweight design and waterproof construction plus 12 hours of battery life in between charges, there are absolutely no excuses not to enjoy all that live music without being tied down by wires plugged into walls everywhere.

Pair two JBL party boost-compatible speakers together for stereo sound. Stand it vertical or horizontal and be bold with your choice of 11 vibrant colors and the best Bluetooth speakers under $100 you should get.


How To Choose The Best Bluetooth Speakers

There are five major things to consider when buying Bluetooth speakers which include: Size, Features, Sound Quality, Battery Life, and Price.

While some of these speakers cost very much, you will see a wide variability in sound quality among the ones that cost closer to $50 than the ones that are lesser than that. If you can spare a few more dollars, you will be rewarded with better vocals and bass, and generally, better battery life.

If the speaker will be going to the beach, poolside, or hiking with you we recommend that you get the ones that offer waterproof and ideally gets loud enough to be heard over environmental noise.

You should also pay attention to the wireless range some of these will stay connected 100 feet from your audio source, while others are only good at 33 feet. Some of these budget-friendly Bluetooth speakers also come with a microphone for use as a speakerphone, although the quality may not be any better than what your phone can produce.


Which is the best affordable Bluetooth speaker?

The best affordable Bluetooth speaker that we recommend is the JBL GO 3 Waterproof Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

How long should a speaker last?

Depending on the materials they’re made of and the environmental conditions of where the equipment is used, high-quality speakers typically last up to 20-30 years before showing any signs of damage.

Which are the best Bluetooth speakers under $100?

The best Bluetooth speakers under $100;


If you’re on the look for the best Bluetooth speakers under $50 you should select the ones with quality sound, and good battery life, and also keep in mind portability.

There are many different brands ranging from JBL, SONY, ULTIMATE EARS, and much more available on the market today which can be overwhelming if you’re trying to find one that will suit your specific needs.

This article will help you choose the best based on their features and how they can meet your needs.

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