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10 Best Bluetooth Speakers For Motorcycle Helmet In 2022


Motorcycle helmet speakers are an ideal gear for bike riders, and they not only communicate with your family and friends while driving but also allow you to reach out for help in emergencies.

There are many Bluetooth helmet speakers on the market that can be attached to your helmet and provide you with high-quality sound while still protecting your head.

To make it easier to listen to music while you ride, these motorcycle helmet speakers feature dedicated technology that you just can’t find in standard headphones.

For instance, motorcycle helmet speakers now come with volume boost and noise reduction technology. It also provides simple controls that you can use even with thick riding gloves.

However, there are tons of options available in the market today, this article will review the 10 best Bluetooth Speakers For Motorcycle Helmet, and we also created a buying guide to help you know what to consider before buying

Best Bluetooth Speakers For Motorcycle Helmets

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There are many benefits of getting the best Bluetooth speakers for motorcycle helmets. Not only do they allow you to listen to music or make calls without having to remove your helmet, but they can also improve your safety while riding.

By keeping both hands on the handlebars and your eyes on the road, you are less likely to get into an accident. You can also listen to music while still staying aware of your surroundings.

1. Sena SMH10 Motorcycle HelmetOverall Best Bluetooth Speakers For Motorcycle Helmet


GREAT PRODUCT…Love this. It was easy to install in my AGV helmet and has worked seamlessly ever since

Verified Buyer

If you are looking for the best Bluetooth speakers for motorcycle helmets, we suggest checking the Sena SMH10 Motorcycle Helmet.

The Sena headset is designed to keep you connected with other Bluetooth devices. It is a Bluetooth v3.0 + EDR Class 1 Stereo Headset.

The device connects with other Bluetooth devices that support hands-free profile/headset profile and advanced distribution profile.

Also, the speaker is easy to install, thanks to the standard clamp, this headset easily fits onto different motorcycle elements.

Another amazing feature is the audio sound, the audio delivered by this headset sounds natural and precise. It has advanced noise-canceling technology that cuts all background noises.


  • Great Audio performance
  • Easy to install and use
  • Quick charging, good battery life
  • Excellent volume features


  • The helmet Clamp is somewhat fragile

2. Outdoor Bluetooth Helmet Speakers

sony1 9

 WORTH IT…I am very happy with these speakers. They connect easily to my iphone and provide music for a solid full day on the mountain

Verified Buyer

The Outdoor Bluetooth Helmet Speakers works with nearly any audio compatible helmet and it is considered one of the best Bluetooth speakers for motorcycle helmets.

This Bluetooth helmet speaker provides you with wireless convenience wherever you go. The 40 mm speaker drivers deliver clear and crisp audio. The bass is powerful and the highs are clear.

Also, each speaker comes with a glove-friendly button that can be used to adjust the volume, answer calls, and activate Siri, or the google assistant.

The built-in microphone also delivers crisp and clear audio during phone calls, the speakers are comfortable for continuous ears and do not cause any discomfort.

Lastly, the Outdoor Bluetooth Helmet Speakers are indeed one of the best Bluetooth speakers for motorcycle helmets. The simple minimalistic design makes them suitable for a variety of helmets.


  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Durable and Sturdy
  • Great audio performance


  • Poor Bluetooth Connectivity
sony2 3

3. JZAQ Helmet Bluetooth SpeakersMost Durable Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

sena1 1

GREAT FOR THE PRICE…The wires are long enough to fit anywhere in an XL helmet. The sound quality is fine (not great for heavy bass) and the mic is crystal clear. 

Verified Buyer

The JZAQ Helmet Bluetooth Speakers are the most durable Bluetooth speakers for motorcycle riders. It provides efficient and convenient communication during the riding.

The speaker may appear fragile, however, don’t be deceived by its looks. This headset is also dustproof and waterproof (IPX7 Rated). So you don’t have to worry about using it outdoors.

Another best feature, this speaker delivers great sound performance. With the DSP noise-canceling technology/Loud volume, this helmet headset transfers clear and high-quality stereo music sound.

Also, you can connect the Bluetooth speaker to 2 devices at once. The Bluetooth connectivity is reliable and supports a range of almost 20 m.

Lastly, this Bluetooth device is very easy to install and use. It comprises velcro that can be used to attach it to the helmet, and the battery life of this headset also impressed us a lot.


  • Durable and sturdy
  • Great sound quality
  • Affordable
  • Suitable for all helmets
sena1 1 1

4. LEXIN Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

uclear1 1

HIGHLY RECOMMEND…Well engineered, it works great, I like the ease of use. It only requires 3 buttons to operate it and they are easy to find even when wearing gloves.

Verified Buyer

If you are looking for the best Bluetooth speakers for motorcycle helmets cum intercom systems, you can buy the LEXIN Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset without thinking much.

The LX-B4FM motorcycle Bluetooth headset shares the riding experience and enjoys conversation with up to 10 riders talk at one time at an intercom range of 2000 meters.

The Bluetooth headset featured music sharing that allows two riders to enjoy the same song during their trip. And it also functions well for speeds up to 120km/h.

Using Bluetooth, you can instruct Siri or other voice assistants to make/receive phone calls, listen to the FM or music, or access GPS via voice guidance and it also provides easy hands-free communications for you while riding.

It also features two interchangeable microphones and allows you the choice between a boom microphone for open-face or flip-face (convertible) helmets, or a button microphone for full-face helmets.

Lastly, it features IP67 waterproof technology that can handle all weather conditions and provides up to 15 hours of music or intercom talk with over one week of standby time.


  • Easy to connect and use
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Reliable Bluetooth Connectivity


  • Low bass
uclear1 1 1

5. THOKWOK Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

uclear1 2

The THOKWOK Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset is a durable Bluetooth V3.0+EDR Class 1 Stereo Headset with a long-range Bluetooth Intercom. It is designed specifically for motorcycle riders.

Using this Bluetooth device, 2 to 3 riders can communicate with one another without any connectivity lag. Plus, 3 riders can connect to the Bluetooth headset system at once and only 2 can communicate via the intercom facility.

It also has advanced DSP echo cancelation and noise suppression technologies that come together to deliver clear audio even on the noisiest roads.

You can use this Bluetooth headset system to listen to the FM and music, make/receive calls, listen to GPS instructions, and do a lot more.

It is suitable for any full-face helmets and most half-face helmets which can cover ears. And it adopts the buckle type connection between the headset and the clip, easy to assemble/disassemble.

Overall, the THOKWOK Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset is a great choice if you are looking for the best Bluetooth speakers for a motorcycle helmet.


  • 3-way communication
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Big control buttons
  • Durable and sturdy


  • Low bass
uclear1 2 1

Best And Loudest Motorcycle Helmet Speakers

helmet speaker1

We definitely recommend investing in a quality pair of the loudest helmet speakers for your motorcycle.

The 3 we listed are some of the best and loudest helmet speakers for your motorcycle and should come with everything that you could ever need from helmet speakers.

6. Cardo PackTalk Motorcycle Bluetooth Speaker

uclear1 4

BEST HEADSET…I owned a lot of Bluetooth head sets but this is one of the very best there is! Well worth it!

Verified Buyer

The Cardo PackTalk Motorcycle Bluetooth Speaker is for motorcycle riders who usually travel in large groups. It is one of the best and loudest helmet speakers for your motorcycle.

It provides seamless, long-range intercom connections with unmatched ease and stability for large and small groups alike and it also adjusts automatically depending on the level of the background noise.

The large buttons are very accessible and voice activation via Natural Voice lets you activate many of the speaker’s features just by speaking alone.

It is designed in such a way that if one person disconnects, the other people within the network can still communicate with each other.

Furthermore, it is a water and dust-proof built with an FM radio feature built-in for solo rides.


  • Loud
  • Long-range
  • Automatically adjust volume


  • Pricey
uclear1 4 1

7. UClear Digital Pulse Wired Helmet speakersBest Wired Speaker For Motorcycle Helmet

uclear1 5

STRONG BASS AND VOLUME….The bass is powerful. The volume can get very loud. Too loud. It’s awesome

Verified Buyer

We recommend the UClear Digital Pulse Wired Helmet speakers as the best-wired helmet speakers. These are an affordable alternative to our other Bluetooth-capable recommendations.

It is the best value helmet speaker for your motorcycle. Besides, if it’s any consolation, it uses gold-plated standard 3.5mm stereo audio jacks with a 40mm diameter driver that guarantees that the audio quality will be loud and clear.

When it comes to audio, these are high-definition helmet speakers. Many riders have said that these provide a premium level of audio quality, with crisp sound and great bass.

In addition, the speakers themselves are designed for compatibility with most helmet communication systems, smartphones, and other audio devices. 

It’s also very easy to use right out of the box as it comes with an installation mount set along with the speakers and Velcro pads that you can just stick to wherever you prefer on your helmet. 

  You don’t have to worry about the wires hindering performance, they are long enough to reach electronic devices that are inside your pockets and those that you’ve mounted on the handlebars.


  • Cheap
  • Long cords
  • Easy to install


  • Subpar wire quality

8. Alta Wireless Bluetooth Helmet SpeakersBest Compact Bluetooth Helmet Speaker


GREAT SPEAKER…I love these for the value, sound, battery life.

Verified Buyer

The Alta Wireless Bluetooth Helmet Speakers are perfect if you want a loud Bluetooth speaker. They can easily be installed in your helmet so you can listen to music, and GPS instructions while riding.

It is a small, lightweight design, easy to install and there is no need to route any extra wires or cords.

Also, the headset comes with oversized buttons that are easy to use, even when you’re wearing motorcycle gloves.

This makes it simple to change the volume, change the song, make calls, and pause the music. It even comes with a built-in, hands-free mic with voice control for easier use.

These helmet speakers boast 40mm, drivers. It’s easy to connect them to your phone thanks to the Bluetooth wireless chipset.

Finally, they’re water-resistant and have a battery life of up to 10 hours. They are a great choice for riders looking for a simple motorcycle helmet speakers setup.


  • Durable
  • Compact design
  • Large 40mm drivers


  • Thick earpads
Alta1 1

Best Wireless Helmet Speakers

These advanced wireless speakers will let you have hands-free communication for calls and listening to music.

The best motorcycle helmet speakers on the market have more advanced features like GPS voice guidance, Bluetooth intercom, and built-in FM radio.

They have similar features to the speakers reviewed above (Best Bluetooth speakers for motorcycle helmets) but are more advanced.

9. OutdoorMaster Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

Alta1 1 1

If you are looking for the best wireless helmet speakers that are compatible with motorcycle helmets as well as skiing and snowboarding helmets, you can check the OutdoorMaster Wireless Bluetooth Speakers.

These Bluetooth helmet speakers are universally compatible. The simple and minimal design ensures they fit easily in all skiing/snowboarding helmets and even motorcycle helmets.

The speaker comprises 40 mm drivers and CSR chips that deliver strong bass, and clear sound. The Bluetooth connection remained stable throughout and did not drop even once.

It also comprises a built-in microphone that allows you to receive or make phone calls when you are riding your motorbike.

The speaker can be charged directly in the case, of audio-ready helmets, and you don’t need to remove them from the helmet for charging.


  • Comfortable
  • Easy to pair
  • Great build
  • Excellent Audio performance
Alta1 1 2

10. Chips Ultra Wireless Helmet Audio

Alta1 2

This speaker is for those who don’t like wires at all, we’ve got an impeccable true wireless option. The Chips Ultra Wireless Helmet Audio is one of the best and universal true audio solutions for motorcycles.

These true wireless Bluetooth helmet speakers deliver excellent sound performance, powerful bass, and clear mids and highs.

Even their functionality is similar to their wired counterparts. However, their battery life is a little better than their wired variant.

There’s no need to take off your gloves to adjust your music and you can leave your phone in your pocket. Plus the built-in microphone will allow you to answer calls, adjust the volume, or skip a tune while you have your gloves on.

The 12-hour playtime and 2-hour charge will have rocking out in no time.


  • True wireless functionality
  • Reliable Bluetooth connectivity
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Great volume levels


  • Automatically turn off after some time

What To Look For When Buying The Best Bluetooth Speakers For Motorcycle Helmet – Buyer’s Guide

Here are some key factors you should consider when buying the best Bluetooth speakers for motorcycle helmets.


The first thing you should consider is to see if the helmet is compatible with the speaker. Some speakers are designed specifically for so-called Bluetooth-ready helmets.

So, if you are buying a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet speaker you should check if it’s compatible with your helmet. Most of the products listed here can be installed on any helmet (full-face, modular, open-face).


Ensure the helmet speakers you want to buy are comfortable on your ears. Remember, you’ll wear your helmet on these speakers. So, if they are uncomfortable and not well-padded, they can cause ear pain.

Built-in Mic

If you are buying helmet speakers, particularly for making/receiving calls while riding a motorbike, then look. for helmet speakers with built-in mics. It’s best to buy helmet speakers with built-in mics since they are hidden and do not cause any distraction.

Sound Quality

The best Bluetooth speakers for motorcycle helmets should have impeccable sound quality for making/receiving calls, listening to music, and GPS instructions. The sound should be clear, crisp, precise, and powerful, especially if you have an open-face helmet.


If there are parts of the speaker outside the helmet, they have to be resistant to different weather conditions like wind and rain. It’s recommended to look for waterproof Bluetooth motorcycle helmet speakers

Battery Life

The battery should last as long as possible, but it also depends on your needs. If you are about to spend 12h on the road, the battery should last at least 12 hours.

If you don’t need such a long playtime/talk time, you can buy something cheaper. If money is not an issue, you should buy the best possible device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Bluetooth is best for helmets?

The best Bluetooth speakers for motorcycle helmets are; Sena SMH10 Motorcycle Helmet, Outdoor Bluetooth Helmet Speakers, LEXIN Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset, and JZAQ Helmet Bluetooth Speakers.

Can you add Bluetooth to a motorcycle helmet?

Adding Bluetooth stereo headphones to your motorcycle helmet can enhance your riding experience about 10 times.

How do I pair my Bluetooth helmet speaker with a motorcycle?

Pairing your headset with a specific device is easy, but it varies between manufacturers. Check if your helmet speakers come with a user guide or manual to learn how to pair helmet speakers.

Are helmet speakers waterproof?

Not all Bluetooth helmet speakers are weatherproof and water-resistant. Be sure to check the product details before you buy helmet speakers.

In Conclusion

We’ve reviewed the top 10 best Bluetooth speakers for motorcycle helmets on the market; therefore, you don’t need to spend hours looking for the right Bluetooth helmet speakers.

These Bluetooth speakers are durable, sturdy, comfortable for continuous use, and compatible with motorcycles as well as skiing/snowboarding. They deliver really good audio quality and fit perfectly inside a variety of helmets.

We sincerely hope you found this guide useful and has helped you better understand what to look for when purchasing the best Bluetooth speakers for motorcycle helmet.

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